Top 10 Tips to Help Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

Top 10 Tips to Help Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

Our pharmacists’ top 10 tips to help keep your cholesterol in check:

1) Only drink alcohol in moderation.

2) Exercise regularly – take up a sport or add active habits to your days like afternoon walk or gym session.

3) Avoid/quit smoking.

4) Eat less saturated fat – choose lean meat (chicken breasts over thighs), reduced fat dairy products and limit other foods that are high in saturated fat (e.g cakes, fast food & processed food).

5) Eat carbohydrates with low GI index – e.g. whole grain bread, brown rice, long grain rice, beans and soy product.

6) Eat oily fish (fish that are high in omega 3) – e.g. Salmon, mackerel or sardines regularly.

7) Snack on raw nuts (rich in unsaturated fat) – rather than chocolate or chips.

8) Eat more fruit and vegetables – ideally at least 5 servings a day.

9) Use less salt and sugar in cooking.

10) Have your cholesterol checked regularly by your GP.

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