Does your partner snore?

Does your partner snore?

Snoring is probably the most annoying health problem ever known to mankind. Majority of us usually not aware that we suffer from it until we become the butt of jokes at friends’ or family gatherings. Snoring is more common than you think with 45% of us snoring at least occasionally and 25% being habitual snorers.

Snoring can be embarrassing. It keeps your spouse from a good night’s sleep and in the long term could create tension in a marriage.

Why do people snore?

When we breathe, air flows into the nostrils or mouth, down the throat and into the lungs. Normally, the muscles in the throat are firm but when we sleep they relax. In some people, the muscles relax to an extent that causes the structures in the throat to collapse and partially block the airway. These collapsed structures can vibrate and produce the “rattle” noise when the air is inhaled and exhaled.

It can also lead to serious health issues. Approximately 75% of snorers have obstructive sleep apnea which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Over the years there have been numerous stop-snoring products launched into the market without significant scientific proof to support their claims. Before you decide to give any of the products a try, be sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist for some professional advice.

Heavy snorers are strongly recommended to seek medical treatment from a doctor as the underlying problem needs to be addressed.

However, occasional snorers can try natural ways to help stop snoring.  In my next blog, I will talk about some of the things you could be doing to stop snoring for good.


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